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    Hi there, I am the "Gaystoryman" and I write original adult gay fiction stories. You can find my stories over at GayDemon. For now, you can find some of the sexy guys that helped inspire my erotic fiction tales, in the tabs to the right.
    Evan Parker from Helix Jaysun from All Australian Boys Kale from HM Boys BelAmi bad boy Kevin Sweet Staxus boy Chase

    A Brief Note

    These aren't all of the sexy adorable young guys that spurred my imagination, but then I have written over two hundred stories, most are available for free, at GayDemon.

    In the meantime, check out some of my favorites in the following galleries. You might enjoy them, I sure do.

  2. Kinky Kevin

    Visit Kevin at Bel Ami

    There has always been something special about the boys from Bel Ami, least to me. They seem so wholesome, and yet, well they do have a nice kinky side to them, like Kevin Warhol.
  3. Christian and Jamie

    BoyFun Beauties

    The Boyfun Collection has been around longer than I can remember. And they have some very sexy young twinks, like Jade and others. But Christian and Jamie, are two that helped me conjure up a few nice stories.
  4. Jessie Montgomery

    Helix Studio's Jessie

    It really comes down to how the young Twinks, like Jesse Montgomery from Helix, are photographed, that truly can get one's imagination kicked into overdrive. Seriously, it only takes just one image, done right, to get a whole story forming.

    Helix Hottie Jessie


    Think of yourself walking into a darkened living room, and there he is, spread out on the leather sofa, naked and lost in thought of some past sexual conquest. Can't you feel your own dick getting aroused? I can!

    Helix Studios »
  5. Staxus Bois

    Sweet & Sexy Staxus Bois

    What can I say? I love sweet faced young twinks, more so if they are hung like Milan Sharp is from Staxus. Course Chase Anderson is so sweet, but damn that boy knows how to plunge his dick deep into a nice tight hole. Sure gets me thinking, among other things.
  6. HM Boys


    Can you imagine yourself meeting someone like Kale (from HMBoys) in some field? Or perhaps on a hike up some sun soaked mountain, stumbling upon him having a nice wank behind a big rock? I know I did, and it did create some hot erotic stories.

    Kale from HMBoys


    The settings, are what truly helps me imagine these sexy young Twinks, in a hot sex story. Just thinking of finding them in a field, out among nature, and being able to enjoy their true natural beauty, is a total turn on.

    Visit HMBoys Today »